Impact mapping

Impact mapping is a strategic planning technique that helps to focus on important things while building products.

Clean Code

We deliver the code that is easy to understand and easy to change. Classes and methods are small, the code is easy to extend and refactor.


In custom programming being on time is a challenge. We utilize Agile Development appoach to ensure the project's deadline is met.

Sample screenshots from our new app

People get attracted to
beautiful things

... even with fewer features

We use interface elements with a clear meaning and provide constant feedback of actions.


Japanese Yahoo Auction

Big Data

Over one billion files

We developped the statictics service based on the information from Yahoo auction. The data includes images and detailed descriptions of the items like condition, number of bids and prices. One of the challenges was the storage system for that huge amount of data. Conventional approach like storing files in subfolders turned out to be very slow and we searched for better solutions.

Machine Translation

from Japanese
translation service

Speak to customers in their own language

After profound research including neural networks, we created innovative machine translation service for Japanese. It translates description of goods from Japanese very fast, it takes less then 0.5 second for a page.


Warehouse management system

Different sizes, weight and categories

The right WMS software reduces operating expenses and makes it easier to continually improve the processes. We focused on maximizing labor resources and increasing employee morale by introducing better work environment. We also optimized various business processes using variety of best-fit algorithms.